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TUX-TO-DOOR Convenience

Get the best of both worlds with TUXDirect. You'll benefit from personalized service in-store when choosing the ensembles for your event. Then we'll ship them directly to your home, office, or destination in plenty of time for you to try them on well before the event.

This TUX-TO-DOOR convenience of our TUXDirect service is the perfect option for your out-of-town groomsmen.  You no longer need to feel any pressure to use the "Big Box Store" and end up with less service for more money.  Moments Tux Shop is well-equipped to handle your wedding party, no matter where they live!  With a wide network of dealers all over the US and this super-convenient way of shipping the formal wear ahead of time, Moments Tux Shop is the perfect choice for your big day!

Concerned about your out-of-town groomsmen?

Moments Tux Shop works hard to make renting a suit or tuxedo for your event easier than ever!  We'll take appointments outside of business hours if needed to size your wedding party ourselves, if at all possible.  And if that still doesn't work, we can help them find a tuxedo dealer near them and submit measurements right HERE on our website, from their phones while they're still at the tux shop.  We utilize our website, phone calls, and text messaging - all to make this easier and more accessible for you and your wedding party.  Then, with TUXDirect, we can ship the suit or tuxedo directly to their home or office, in plenty of time for the wedding. They can submit their payment and measurements  and we'll take care of the rest!

Worried about last minute fitting issues?

We have you covered!  We'll ship the suits in plenty of time for your guys to try them on, well before traveling to your wedding.  This way, if any sizing issues do arise, we will have ample time for alterations, changes, or replacements before your wedding.

Is your wedding out of town?

No problem... we can ship directly to everyone within the continental U.S.

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