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  • Why is Moments Tux Shop better than the others?
    We think that you will notice from the first time you talk to us at an event or walk in to our store, that you will notice that we are different from the average tux shop or suit store. Moments Tux Shop offers the LARGEST selection of rental suits and tuxes in the area - so finding just the right look is easy! We also house the largest showroom, giving you the most options of suits and tuxes that you can see and feel when you visit us. Moments Tux Shop offers all the brand names - Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, IKE Behar, Allure, and more! We have a variety of fits and styles to make each and every guy look his best. We offer all of these great choices at a competitive price, plus specials and discounts depending on your formal wear needs. Moments Tux Shop has an amazing selection of formal wear for every event, but where we really differentiate ourselves is in our SERVICE! We will help you manage all the little details of your event and will help with the legwork and communications portion with your guy(s). We will always try to go above and beyond and we'll do it with a smile! We strongly believe in EARLY DELIVERY, meaning that at Moments Tux Shop you will never wait until the day before your event to get your tux. We will have your rental suits and tuxes ready days in advance and want our customers to come in early and remove some stress - by knowing that their formal wear fits just right! We also offer services like our VIP Pickup, where we'll come to your event, your post-party, your hotel, or another designated location to pick up the tuxes after the event. (This is a favorite among groomsmen!) This is just one example of how Moments Tux Shop likes to think of ways to make things easier for our customers. We utilize technology that other stores don't in an effort to make it simpler and easier for our customers. Examples of this are having a website where you can submit your measurements and pay deposits online and utilizing text messaging regularly to communicate messages such as when the tuxes are available, when they are due back, etc. We hope you will allow Moments Tux Shop to show you how we can help with your wedding, prom, or special event. We don't take our customers for granted and appreciate the opportunity to serve. We truly believe that we are better than the others and look forward to the chance to show you why.
  • Do I need to book an appointment for a Bridal Consultation? How soon?
    We recommend scheduling your Bridal Consultation between 4 and 6 months before the big day. Some couples will see us a year in advance and others will save it until about 2 months before. We can handle your wedding no matter when - but at least 3 months is typical. It is easy to book an appointment - just call us or book your appointment online here! Booking an appointment allows us to be prepared to spend the time with you when you come in. Often times, this can take about an hour to look through suit and tux styles, pick out colors, and designate those suits and colors to the roles of your wedding party. The best time frame to choose your formal wear is after you have chosen the bride's dress, bridesmaids dresses, and overall color scheme. Once you have all of that, it's time to dress the guys! We have hundreds of colors to choose from, so if you have a sample color to match - bring that with you. Make sure you schedule your bridal consultation with us a couple months ahead of your event, but ideally after you have determined who is going to be in your wedding. It is important to give your groomsmen, ushers, Dads, Grandfathers, etc. enough time to get measured and fitted before your event!
  • I'm a groomsmen. How does the rental process work for me?
    After the bride & groom have met with us, we will contact you via email or text message and introduce ourselves. Then you can BOOK an appointment at Moments Tux Shop to get measured at your convenience. We would really like to measure you ourselves, as only we can provide you with the best fit for your suit or tux. Even if we need to do so after hours - we will. Just call us and let us know when you will be in town or when you need to come in and we'll do our best to accommodate you. If coming to Moments Tux Shop is still not an option, we can help you find a place near you to get measured. You will be able to submit your measurements HERE, right from the store you visit. You can also pay your deposit on our website or by calling us at (563) 888-1695. You will be able to pick up your suit or tuxedo and try it on to make sure it's just right - early the week of the wedding, in our store. It's that easy! And if you are coming in late in the week from out of town, PLEASE ask us about our TUXDIRECT service, where we can have your suit or tux shipped directly to your home or work in plenty of time for you to try it on at home and feel confident in the fit, the week before the wedding!
  • I live out of town, do I still need to get measured at Moments Tux Shop?"
    No, you don't have to get measured at Moments Tux Shop. While we prefer to measure you ourselves, you can get measured at any Jim's Formal Wear or Skeffington's Formal Wear authorized dealer. Click here to search for a formal wear location nearest you. **NOTE: We HIGHLY recommend that you pull up our "Submit Your Measurements" form WHILE you are in the shop getting measured. This will help ensure that you received all the measurments you need to help us find your perfect fit, BEFORE you leave the store. Submit your measurements by clicking here and we'll follow up with you on these measurements and to guide you through the process.
  • When is my rental due back?
    At Moments Tux Shop, we believe in making things EASY! So, for returns, we offer 24-Hour returns over the weekend. Simply put all of the pieces of your suit or tux back in the garment bag we provided to you and hang it on our return rack in the front of the Tux Shop. Text us that you returned it, so we know it's waiting there and you can be on your way! You can do this anytime on Sunday - day or night. Our shop is closed on Sundays, giving our team more time with their families and at the same time - giving you more time to get your suit or tux back to the shop. We just need you to text us so we know it's there and for it to be there when we get in Monday morning to process the returns from the weekend. Our hard deadline is Monday mornings before 10:00am, if you are the procrastinator. Make it easy on yourself and avoid any conversation about late return fees, please? ALSO: Ask about our VIP Pickup Service, where Moments Tux Shop will pick up the suits and tuxes for your entire group, after the event or the next morning! (This is a favorite for Groomsmen all over the country!) This is one of Moments Tux Shop's signature premier services and one of the best ways to show you the "Moments Difference" that so many have come to know and love!
  • How much does it cost to rent a suit or tuxedo?
    The rental cost varies depending on what you're looking for. While we do have a budget tuxedo, we pride ourselves on being a premium provider. We want you to look your very best! Moments Tux Shop offers top name brands like Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Allure, Ike Behar, and more. We will do our best to put you in the best looking outfit while keeping the cost very competitive. We can say that most people plan on spending around $200 for their full rental. Consider if you will want to rent shoes with your suit/tux or not, as shoes will add $30 to the cost of the tuxedo rental.
  • What's the difference between a suit and a tuxedo?
    The primary physical difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the presence of satin. Traditionally tuxedos have satin facing on the lapels and pocket trim. The other difference is a tuxedo has a cloth covered button, while a suit does not. Most people cannot tell the difference between them, so it's really personal preference. Whether you're getting married, going to Prom, or just want to dress up, either choice is absolutely acceptable.
  • Can I purchase my suit instead of renting?
    Sure! We not only have the largest selection of suits and tuxes for rent in the Quad City area, but we also have purchase options available as well. This is a great option for those of you who will have an opportunity to wear it more than once. We feature some great Rent or Buy options that can even be mixed and matched throughout a wedding party, while keeping the look uniform. We also have some styles that are not for rent and only for purchase. You can check out some of this selection here on our website, as well as visiting our showroom in Bettendorf to see what type of options we can offer.
  • When do I need to pay for my suit or tuxedo?
    We ask for a $50 deposit for weddings and a $100 deposit for Prom and other single events at the time of your fitting. The remaining balance can be paid off when you pick up your suit or tuxedo. (TUXDIRECT customers will need to pay for the tux in full 3 weeks prior to the event so that we are able to send the suit or tux directly to your home or office with plenty of time to try it on before the event.
  • When can I get my tux?
    If you are utilizing our TUXDIRECT services and have paid in full 3 weeks before the event, you will usually receive your suit or tuxedo 5-10 days before the event, but no later than the Tuesday the week of your event. If you are picking up your rental at our shop, you will receive a text message to let you know that your suit or tuxedo is ready for pickup. This usually happens by Tuesday, the week of the event. It is important that you come right away to try on your suit or tux and make sure that everything fits the way it should. Coming in by Wednesday night ensures we can easily handle any alterations or replacements needed in plenty of time for the event.
  • What brands do you carry?
    We carry a large assortment of brand names. Some name brands include Michael Kors, Allure, Kenneth Cole, IKE Behar, and so many more. We carry the largest selection of suits & tuxedos in the area, by far. And we also have the largest showroom so you'll be able to see and feel some of our best formalwear when you visit Moments Tux Shop in Bettendorf.
  • Do you handle formal wear for a quinceañera?
    YES! We handle many quineaneras and the process is similar to a wedding. If you'd like to book an appointment to go over all of those options, you could do so here!
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