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A minimum deposit of $50 is required for the tux rental.  The remainder is due either when you pick up the tux at Moments Tux Shop the week of the event OR a minimum 21 days prior to the event if we are shipping the suit or tux to you.  For balance inquiries or questions about your rental, please call or text Moments Tux Shop.


Moments Tux Shop has terrific options for wedding party guests from out of town.  After submitting your measurements, we'll be following up with you to sign a rental contract agreement and discuss the timing of your arrival to determine how best you should receive your tux rental.  Please provide your shipping address below so that we will be prepared to ship your tux rental directly to your home or work, a full week before the event.

Man getting measured for suit


Moments Tux Shop would really like to fit you ourselves for your suit or tuxedo rental.  But we understand that is not always possible.  So, if you can't be sized by Moments Tux Shop, please visit a Skeffington's store or authorized Jim's Formal Wear dealer to get properly measured for your suit or tuxedo.  While you're there, you can submit your measurements here, online!  This will make sure we have all the details we need, before you even leave the store.   Thank you!

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