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Wedding VIP Pickup at Steeplegate Inn

VIP Tux Pickup

Talk about convenience!

The Moments Team will pick up your suits and tuxedos for you after the event, and we can pick them up just about anywhere! No need to drive to our shop in Bettendorf... we'll come to you!  This service has quickly become the #1 Favorite Gift given to Groomsmen, Fathers, Ushers, and Ring Bearers - making everyone's day after the wedding a whole lot easier!

Worried about your groomsmen returning on time?

We have just the answer!  Schedule a VIP Tux Pickup with Moments Tux Shop.  If you're at a hotel, we will have a Moments Team Member with a return rack in the lobby collecting the suits and tuxedos the morning after your event.  And don't worry - we will text the guys in your wedding party to remind them we that we will be there to pick up their formal wear.

Don't have a hotel block but still interested?

We got you covered! We can pick up suits almost anywhere. Whether it's at the end of the reception, at a Sunday gift-opening party, or at Grandma's house for Brunch, the Moments Team will be there to make things easier for you and your wedding party. Schedule a Moments VIP Tux Pickup to reduce stress for everyone.  Moments will pick up all of the suits & tuxedos from all of your favorite guys after the event so that they (and more importantly, YOU) don't have to worry about making sure the formal wear gets returned on time. 

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